My painting goal is to share visual, creative, and emotive impressions of each painted scene at a moment in time with observers of the art. The paintings portray visual impressions; akin to snapshots taken with a camera.

I use R & F Encaustic Handmade Paints made with purified beeswax, pigment and Damar Resin.  I start by sketching my ideas with simple shapes on larger, birch panels over a foundation of encaustic medium.  Initially, I focus on where the light is coming from; paint the darkest shadows first to lay down the 'bones' of the painting.  Sometimes I begin brush painting abstracts with molten encaustic paint on small birch boards to transition to my creative zone.  I develop techniques for use in paintings in progress on the small boards. The process of molten wax painting with brushes and the torch on birch panels is a good painting 'blend' to create contrasting hues, translucence, luminosity, reflections of light values, and movement in scenes. 

The torch is a creative tool; an imaginary brush. The torch can build textures, patterns, and depth, that a bristled brush can't accomplish with molten wax paint. Sometimes the torch fusing process results in surprising effects. Some of the effects provide opportunities to rework the encaustic paint to portray the impressions I want to convey to viewers of the scene.

Many of my paintings require a lengthy work process from start to completion. The finished work appears different from the initial sketches. Brush painting and fusing molten wax paint takes me on a journey to a new way of depicting momentary visual impressions on scenes. The hot wax painting process is completely absorbing, and I become happily oblivious to the passage of time!! 


Finding creative solutions and technique through small abstracts.

5" X 7" abstract board used to create solutions, effects and techniques for 2 paintings shown below:  


Ventana Creek

"Ventana Creek" above and "Beach Walk" below.

Beach Walk.jpg