Americans are very familiar with music. Each person seems to have a favorite musical genre, favorite musicians, vocalists, songs, and lyrics. We communicate and make music a shared part of life with each other.

Americans enjoy movies, publications, and other visual entertainments as well. People watch films, television, and have favorite actors, actresses, and sports stars which we share with others. We also share opinions with one another about books, and other visual entertainments in the course of daily life.

Painting and sculpture appear to be visual language; a means of communicating with each other. Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. Every person should believe the reality of their own senses, and share their reality with others. There is no 'right' or 'wrong' opinion about visual art. You like what you like!

We should speak with each other about painting and sculpture with the same enthusiasm we exhibit when we hear music we like, enjoy being entertained, or speak with each other about a good read completed. Visual art is communication, and is best when it portrays, gathers, and communicates stimulating visual images of our shared human experiences. I am  a human 'being' in the moment by painting, rather than a human being 'doing' painting... I hope I convey visually my 'presence in the moment' in each painting with other people. 

Encaustic Impressionism is a newer type of impressionistic painting.  The development and availability of high quality hot plates, small portable propane and butane torches, heat guns, tools, and high quality encaustic paints occurred in the latter half of the 20th century. The introduction of exciting new ideas (i.e. the mathematics of 'fractal geometry', or the 'geometry of nature' etc.); have given us new concepts for painting scenes. The introduction and evolution of visual electronic devices, etc., have aided visual communication as well. Many of these ideas and devices were not available to 19th century impressionist painters.

These developments have enabled encaustic artists to paint new, vibrant, impressionistic scenes using brushes, torches, tools, and molten wax paints. I am very excited about my painting journey.  I usually make a short comment about each painting.  Each comment is a written impression of 'being in the moment' for the art; somewhat akin to a 'lyric' for the music.