Encaustic painting is a wonderful method for expressing textures, tones, and hues in seeking to capture the impressions of different weather conditions (i.e. ambient light, relationships between objects, water, reflections, atmosphere, and movement) in landscape paintings at a particular moment in time. 

'Whale Rock Atmosphere' - features low ambient sunlight, a blustery, cool, late afternoon scene; movement of swirling wind is evident in the distortion of reflections of water in the reservoir, and cloud movement in the sky. 

'Tranquility' - portrays a partly cloudy sky, and a tranquil, early afternoon breeze moving the scattered, partially moisture laden clouds over the lily pads and water. The moving clouds produce varying degrees of sun light; which creates changing light reflections of clouds in the water and on the lily pads.

'Ventana Creek' - depicts the bright sunlight, movement of air, and reflections in the flowing water amid the sunny, restful, shaded wooded areas, and rocks. I can almost hear the restfull sound of water moving down the creek!